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1. A deposit is put down to hold a vehicle. Our policy is that this vehicle will be held for 48 hours, unless there are extenuated circumstances, which must be approved by a manager at Jim Falk Motors. This deposit is 100% refundable if the vehicle arrives and the customer does not want to continue with the sale. It is 100% refundable if the customer decides not to purchase the vehicle for any reason within the 48 hour time period. The deposit can be refundable at the time of purchase, if the customer chooses. Or the customer can choose to have the $500 go towards the payment of the vehicle or cost of delivery.

2. We have many different options for delivery of the vehicle. This includes our free delivery radius (within 300 miles of the dealerships location), delivery by enclosed trailer, delivery by open trailer, driven delivery, etc. We have competitive pricing and these delivery rates are set by location. The delivery cost can be put into the loan or paid outright. Delivery details and cost can differ based on the customers situation and preferred method of delivery. If, when the vehicle is delivered, the customer is not satisfied for any reason, the customer can deny the vehicle and their deposit will be refunded.

3. We sell vehicles across the United States, and to Canada, every day! Our prices are extremely competitive and our vehicles sell quickly! In order to take a vehicle off of the market/hold a vehicle for a customer, a deposit is required. This deposit is good for 48 hours and is refundable (please see 1. Above for more details). We are a FEE FREE GM dealer – no documentation fees.